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VS 2010 Beta1 Issues #2: Fuzzy Screenshots

Working with Visual Studio 2010 Beta1 and finding out how things work there is really a fan, I enjoy doing it very much. I really like the new design and features coming from the fact that VS 2010 Shell—and of course the new editor—is based on WPF technology. I know there are some who criticize and argue the need to use WPF in the VS Shell, I do not belong among them.

However, I really suffer from creating screenshots with VS 2010 Beta1, and I’m not able to create nice-looking ones. All the screen shots I’ve created are fuzzy on the screen and in my blog entries and they look even worse in printing. For a long time I have thought that something is not correct with my settings on Windows 7 RC1, but after looking into Jason Zanders’ blog, I have recognized that screenshots look so ugly even there.

Let me show you a few samples. The first one is created with Visual Studio 2010 Beta1. The left part of the screenshot is taken from the Build menu in the main menu line, the right part is taken from the Solution Explorer:

While the right part is really sharp, the left part is fuzzy. If you take another look, you can see that the build icon looks actually the same at both parts of the screen, but labels do not. Why is it so? The left part uses the new WPF Shell while the right part the same old GDI embedded into the WPF Shell. Just to let you compare how the same screenshot looks like with VS 2008, here is an illustration:

You can discover everywhere on the UI what is coming from VS 2008 and what is new in VS 2010. For example, the Find and Replace dialogs are indicated in the following figures:

As you see, the tool window frame (tool window caption and toolbar) in the VS 2010 version comes from the new Shell while the pane of the window remains the same. There are dialogs that got a totally new look in VS 2010, you can see they are fuzzy as well. An example is the New Project dialog where nothing remained from the VS 2008 version:

The same issue comes with the Output window that has been changed in VS 2010 (and behind uses the new editor!):

Surfing through blogs I have found traces that Microsoft works hard on solving the issue and at several blogs a solution is promised for Beta2 that is expected in the last quarter of the year. I cannot wait till this time, so I have tried to find some workaround, and hre is my suggestion:

Go to the Tools|Options dialog into the Environment|Fonts and Colors page and change the font type of windows you want to improve by means of visibility. The top combo allows you to select the window you want to change the font for. Just to demonstrate what you can reach, here I show you a few trials to enhance the visibility of the Output window:

Using bold Consolas font with size 10:

Using Tahoma font with size 10:

Using bold Tahoma font with size 10:

You can also change the Environment font. By default it is set to Segoe UI with size 9 (indicated by the “Automatic” setting). Change it to Seoe UI Semibold and you get a much nicer view as you can see below:



I hope, these suggestions can help you. Of course, any recommendations are welcomed J.



Posted Jul 04 2009, 05:38 PM by inovak
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