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VS 2010 Beta1 Issues #3: Cancel Button in Extension Manager

The new Extension Manager is a great piece of Visual Studio 2010, I like the UI (even if it has fuzzy font by default J), but I have found that it has a button name Cancel. I’d rather name this button Close, because it does not behave like Cancel in other places.

For me, the name “cancel” suggest that by clicking it I can roll back any changes I have made on this dialog. When the Extension Manager appears on the screen, Cancel tells me this.

When I click on Cancel, no changes are saved, and the dialog simply closes. However, when I make some changes, for example remove one of the installed extensions, I face with the following dialog:

Here the Cancel button is a bit misleading, you may think you can undo the uninstall operation by clicking on it. It might be suspicious that clicking the Cancel button does not ask you a confirmation, but simply closes the dialog. Actually the message with the light yellow background tells you that “some extensions have been changed”, but it does not explicitly tell that those cannot be simply rolled back.


The same happens if you use the Disable/Enable buttons for an installed extension. Renaming the Cancel button to Close would make the situation clear, because it would not implicitly suggest you that you can undo the changes you’ve done using the Extension Manager.

Posted Jul 05 2009, 02:31 PM by inovak
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