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  • Links for today (2009.02.06)

    Exploiting the value of OWSSVR.DLL in SharePoint 3.0 Accessing SharePoint List Data as XML How to use WebServices with the Compact Framework on PocketPC using HTTP/1.1 Compression Why .NET Compact Framework fails to call some HTTPS web servers Silverlight...
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  • Links for today (2009.02.04)

    New Tech Meetup Birthday & Pecha Kucha Night MS Rampup - SharePoint for Developers Track – Part 2 John Resig - Talk: The DOM is a Mess Richard Campbell talks to Juval Lowy and Darrell Denny about the idea of an Energynet Richard Campbell interview...
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  • Links for today (2009.02.03)

    Web 2 Symposium Velvárt András(Response) - Zoomery - Anything Zooms! OpenNETCF Shared Source Projects Smart Device Framework Building Mobile User Experiences Pocket PC Visuals Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile Developing Location Aware...
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  • Links for today (2009.02.02)

    Support for Generics in ASP .NET Server Controls Optimizing Screen Area using Mouse Gestures Instant SQL Formatter Scriptable parameters in web test Simpsons in mApple jQuery Based Ajax.Net library
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