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Hey, I do have a blog!

Hey, my old blog, how much I abandoned you lately… haven’t updated with real content in what, 3 years? Wow. This needs to change. I just blogged in the new architectforum blog, but that’s considerably different, I try to resurrect a community there. I hate making promises, but from now on I’ll try to come back to the blogophere with actual content. Ohh, and I do have a nearly abandoned twitter account as well. Goodbye,, you were good and useful, but I’d rather tweet myself from now on :) btw, I just did it, as have been to Cornell University, Ithaca to give a talk about ‘what is like working at Morgan Stanley’. I used some ‘non-conform’ way to present the message, using full screen images, a simulated machine crash – and more. Oh yes, I have slideshare account as well, what about using that for something? :)

Posted Jan 31 2014, 07:08 PM by petersm
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