A New OpenAI Day

On Monday, OpenAI hold its first ever DevDay – they have been operating for nearly a year by now, so it was timely. The event featured many new feature announcements, demos, a surprise guest speaker (Satya Nadella, mentioning copilot like a dozen times and speaking about Microsoft’s vision of putting AI everywhere – “I am excited for us to build AGI together”), free goodies for the in person participants and more. The company through a very laid back style presentation from Sam revealed a myriad of new features for ChatGPT, like GPT-4 Turbo, a platform for building custom chatbots, GPT Store, Copyright Shield, and more. GPT4 Turbo comes with improved knowledge, faster speed, better pricing, and 128k tokens; also it has the ability to browse the web, write and run code, analyze data, without the need for manually switching between plugins. GPTs, the new custom chatbot building platform, let the user create custom versions of ChatGPT with custom instructions, knowledge and actions, either through code/customization or just by using chat with it. The new store has a revenue share model – it pays creators a portion of the revenue based on the usage and usefulness of the GPTs offered. The new Copyright Shield defends customers from possible legal action if you to face legal claims around infringement for enterprise and API users. Generally, many price cuts were announced across various functionality for developers – instead of the expected 20x cut, we saw “only” 2-3x cuts, but that’s still huge! Finally, Sam Altman shared this is just the beginning, next year’s developer event would be where “what we launched today is going to look very quaint relative to what we are busy creating for you now”.

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