Big Boost Monday in NYC

What am I speaking about? What is Big Boost Monday? It is a monthly event hosted by different tech firms that aims to inspire and empower people who are interested in finding their pathway into tech. The event features guest speakers from various backgrounds and sectors, who share their stories, programs, initiatives, and tips on how to get started in tech. The event also promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry, and showcases the work of FINOS, an open-source foundation for financial services.

Some of the past and upcoming hosts of Big Boost Monday include Morgan Stanley, Synechron, Microsoft, and FINOS. The event is usually held in London, but sometimes also in other cities like Dublin and Belfast – and now coming to North America, to New York City and Montréal / Les Lundis Géants / ! The event is free to attend, but requires registration through a link provided by the host. The event typically lasts for an hour and a half, with 30 minutes for networking and Q&A. It is Live and it is In Person. It is Your Tech & DEI meet-up, helping you find your pathway into technology in the city! It is open-source, an open community, open to all for opportunities.

  • Registration, Networking – 17:00
  • Talks Start – 18:00
  • Talks Finish – 19:00
  • Post-event Networking To Close – 19:30

Who is this for?

  • Find out more how open-source is power innovation in finance
  • Hear from leading Women in technology
  • Explore different pathways to a career in technology
  • Industry professionals, senior stakeholders, allies and sponsors
  • LGBTQ+, Students, under-represented groups, and the curious
  • Non-degree holders
  • With local community outreach in Belfast / Ireland, and soon in NYC/Montréal

How will it work?

Hosted each month by different tech firms, opening up their offices to the wider community.

Join us on the night you can hear from 3 guest speakers talking about AI – the hottest topic at the moment! Alongside firms sharing their DEI journey, and the importance of building a diverse workforce within the tech industry.

All of these talks will finish with a group Q&A with the audience, moderated by the speaker.

Join us to:

‘Boost your Network, your confidence, your knowledge, your career and your pathway. Big Boost Mondays!’

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