//Build’16 Keynote – Day 2

Let's do some Azure this time. Did you know that they are bigger than Google and Amazon combined? Let's hear more from the Red Shirt ™ ! This post is more picture heavy than usual, so many things to show not just write about!



What are the main reasons people choose them? These are Choice and Flexibility (management, applications, application frameworks, databases, middleware, infrastructure), the Openedness (choice of device, framework, OS), their Enterprise readiness (certifications, compliance, ability to choose between service provider datacenter, azure datacenter, your own datacenter – same tools, APIs, UIs to manage), and Productivity (focus on developers – did you know 40% of Azure clients are startups and ISVs). There are the various Azure app services you can create – providing web, mobile, logic, api as building blocks.








And here comes Xamarin – it's FREE. FREE as in really FREE and OpenSource. You do get it for the community free edition as well. And if this wouldn't be enough – you don't need a Mac anymore. And the windows emulator have multitouch. And with android emulator. Using Xamarin Android Inspector, with markdown support. With Roslyn providing code completion. With live editing for Android. Xamarin Studio on the Mac – free!


With Visual Studio Team Services getting the Xamarin Test Cloud added, you have a complete mobile devops life cycle now. "I'll just rub a little devops on it and it will make it better". With not only picture playback, but also video playback with realtime memory, CPU and log correlation.

"The first time I installed Linux was after I joined Microsoft."

No devices to buy, no VMs to manage. All comes hand-in-hand.


And we switching gears ™ to IoT.Starting with Open Mobility Cloud for cars (BMW this time, not Volvo ). Noone is going to ask you to deliver IoT. People ask you to make them access data easier and better. Check outhttps://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/campaigns/mydriving/ if you interested.

Announcement time again: introducing Azure Functions (with an opensourced platform), enabling to host snippets in the cloud with only paying for the actual resources you use. With automatic alerting, cloud connectivity and more. And another announcement: Azure IoT Updates with Start Kits, Hub Device Management, Gateway SDK, and more.


And now over to one of my favorite topics: Microservices.

267 million messages per second with 50.000 concurrent user in the same battle. Age of Ascent MMO game round now, anyone?  Age of Ascent developers helped adding 2300% increase in speed to Kestrel – thanks to them going opensource. Who does not love opensource?



And our favorite one lesser Scott is there showing an opengl game, Visual Studio.NET and Service Fabric Explorer at the same time. Object Oriented design moved to the cloud. You already know this if you know how to code .NET. Little learning curve for IReliableDictionary and Queue – not your usual collections.


Can I submit a PR for fixing the typo? 

"When I test my code I test it in production." "F*ck, awkward" "This is the classic off-by-one error in a MMO game"

Actually next to learn about weather we see another game, using DocumentDB:


And now a new area (is it just me feeling we have been rushing through more areas than ever?): PowerBI (free till May 1st), with PowerBI SDK for creating ability in your application to add PowerBI capabilities and connectivity to your own application.

Next topic is productivity. Reinventing productivity. Developer productivity. Transition to the cloud. Delivering new productivity experiences on the mobile. Building a modern productivity ecosystem. The platform opportunities are already open today. You can build intelligent applications by connecting to Office services. You can make your solution part of the office applications. And you can engage the users through conversations – conversations as a platform. You need a productivity platform and working ecosystem for this. The four pillars around this are mobility of experiences, collaborative productivity, intelligence everywhere and being trusted all times.

You can use Microsoft Graph to reach the data – similarly how you did it using Microsoft Hailstorm ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.NET_My_Services , anyone remembers it?). The demo is using DocuSign to show how the new beta graph API enables you to use the data and intelligence from the Microsoft Graph. The office addin capabilities (announced today) now making it easy – using web technologies (html5, css, javascript; and technologies like OAuth). This enabled announcing Office addins for Office 2016 for Mac and Office 2016 for iPad/iPhone/Android. Also, having a common, modern distribution using enterprise or normal application store enables you to easily reach people.

Simple web technologies and a config file enables you to write, package and deliver your addins easier:

We speak of a Seattle company – Starbucks connectivity in your email available now 

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Office 365 Group connectors – another productivity announcement, from now on you can add custom connect, already 60 providers having their information actively added to the threads:

Also enabling trusted, secure video and audio conversations by using a the common communication platform, embedded into the applications:

And probably the last gear change:

Having the Muzik platform iOS/android/windows phone addins – devices, IoT, next generation productivity. Showing demo for Highspot and machine learning – they are an AWS shop, but running PowerBI there. And – running azure website inside powerpoint as an addin, and use Vorlon.js to debug the application realtime. Also adding possibility to add the bot framework and platform using node.js and restify.


And introduced http://projectmurphy.net and the Skype bot you can use there for playing with 

We learned a lot about ongoing projects – open source projects Microsoft is involved in, user groups Microsoft is involved in, Enterprise customers and ISVs Microsoft is involved with, the involvement with students and universities, etc. Lastly – we learned about a new show called http://www.decodedshow.com/ as part of the closing words.


I think I have to repeat myself from yesterday: Empowering developers!

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