Embracing the Role: My Journey to Becoming a FINOS Ambassador

I am delighted and honored to announce my acceptance as a member of the inaugural class of FINOS Ambassadors. This role is not only a recognition of my past contributions but also a significant step forward in my journey to further the mission of the Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS).

Why I Was Chosen

The FINOS Ambassador program aims to extend the organization’s global reach by identifying and recognizing vocal advocates who are committed to the principles of open source in the financial services industry. To earn this esteemed position, one must exhibit three core attributes: High Trust, High Impact, and Active Practice. Here’s how I embody these qualities:

High Trust: Trust is the foundation of all my engagements within the FINOS community. Through consistent participation and transparent communication, I have built strong relationships with fellow members. Hosting multiple FINOS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) meetups and hackathons has allowed me to establish a reputation for reliability and integrity.

High Impact: My initiatives have always aimed to create meaningful change. By organizing events centered around DEI and autism, I have been able to shine a light on crucial issues, promoting inclusivity and understanding within the tech community. My involvement in various FINOS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and projects underscores my commitment to making a significant, positive impact.

Active Practice: Being an active practitioner means more than just participating; it involves continuous learning, contributing, and leading by example. I have remained deeply engaged in the technical aspects of FINOS projects, driving adoption and encouraging contributions from new and diverse contributors.

What It Entails

As a FINOS Ambassador, my responsibilities include:

  1. Advocacy: Promoting FINOS projects and initiatives, both within my existing network and at external events. This role will allow me to amplify the voice of the open source community in the financial sector.
  2. Content Creation: Generating high-quality technical content that educates and inspires others. This includes writing articles, giving talks, and sharing insights on best practices in open source development.
  3. Community Engagement: Actively engaging with community members to foster collaboration and innovation. This means continuing to host meetups, participate in hackathons, and contribute to SIGs and projects.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting DEI within the FINOS community by creating spaces where diverse voices can be heard and respected. My past efforts in this area will be further amplified through this role.

Moving Forward

I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as a FINOS Ambassador. This role aligns perfectly with my passion for open source, community building, and driving positive change in the tech industry. Together with my fellow Ambassadors, I look forward to contributing to the growth and success of FINOS and its mission.

Thank you to the FINOS community for this incredible honor. Let’s continue to build a more inclusive, innovative, and collaborative future together.

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