Introducing Azure Network Accelerated Connections: A New Era in Cloud Networking Performance

Microsoft Azure has taken a significant leap in cloud networking capabilities with the limited General Availability (GA) of Accelerated Connections. This new feature in the Azure Network portfolio is set to redefine the standards of connection per second (CPS) and total active connections (TAC) for virtual machine (VM) workloads. By integrating specialized hardware within the Azure fleet, Accelerated Connections promises to elevate VM performance to levels up to 10-25 times higher than previously achievable.

Revolutionizing VM Workloads

Accelerated Connections is specifically designed to cater to customers with intense connection demands. This includes scenarios involving network virtual appliances, web front ends, and other critical infrastructures that require maintaining a high volume of connections over time or establishing them rapidly. By doing so, it opens new horizons for handling heavy connection loads efficiently and effectively.

Enhanced Networking and Storage Capabilities

Building on the success of Azure’s Accelerated Networking, which already offers high bandwidth and ultra-low latency, Accelerated Connections is a step further in enhancing Azure VMs. It complements the existing offerings, including Azure Boost—a feature that accelerates storage and networking performance. The integration of Accelerated Connections with both Accelerated Networking and Boost (planned for later this year) will significantly enhance CPS and TAC capabilities. This integration is set to offer an unprecedented level of performance, similar to bare-metal network experiences, within the cloud environment.

Target Audience and Application

The primary beneficiaries of Accelerated Connections are enterprises that depend heavily on maintaining numerous connections simultaneously or establishing them at a rapid pace. This makes it an ideal solution for sectors like e-commerce, online gaming, and high-traffic web services, where performance can directly impact user experience and business outcomes.

Benefits of Accelerated Connections

  • Unmatched Performance Levels: By leveraging specialized hardware, Azure’s Accelerated Connections can deliver up to 25 times the performance of previous offerings.
  • Scalability for Demanding Workloads: This feature allows Azure customers to efficiently scale their operations to meet the needs of the most demanding cloud workloads.
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Services: Accelerated Connections enhances the capabilities of Accelerated Networking and Azure Boost, providing a comprehensive and powerful networking solution.
  • Cost-Effective Performance Enhancements: With this upgrade, customers can achieve near bare-metal network performance, potentially reducing the need for more expensive physical infrastructure upgrades.


Azure Network Accelerated Connections marks a pivotal advancement in cloud networking technology. This offering is not just an improvement; it represents a transformation in how cloud-based VM workloads can be managed, delivering performance, scalability, and flexibility at an unprecedented level. With its integration into the existing Azure technology stack, Microsoft continues to lead the way in cloud innovation, empowering customers to achieve more in the cloud with less.

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