Introducing Microsoft MVP Affiliate: A WordPress Plugin to Boost Your Affiliate Marketing and MVP score

In the digital marketing arena, efficiency and automation are keys to maximizing profits and streamlining processes. Recognizing this need, and being a fresh MVP, the development of the MVP Affiliate WordPress plugin quickly commenced! Specifically designed for affiliates of the Microsoft MVP program, this plugin seamlessly augments links within WordPress posts, appending the necessary Microsoft MVP affiliate tracker links.

What is MVP Affiliate?

MVP Affiliate is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the affiliate marketing process for users participating in the Microsoft MVP program. It automatically adds the required affiliate tracking codes to the relevant links in your WordPress posts. This means every time a visitor clicks on a link, the plugin ensures that you are properly credited for the referral, enhancing your chances in renewing your MVP title.

Key Features and Benefits

Automated Link Conversion

The primary feature of MVP Affiliate is its ability to automatically convert standard URLs into affiliate links. This automation saves users time and reduces the potential for errors in manually adding tracking codes to links.

Compatibility and Ease of Use

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, MVP Affiliate is compatible with all standard WordPress themes and plugins. This ensures that it integrates smoothly without disrupting the existing setup of your site. Installation and setup are straightforward, allowing even those with minimal technical expertise to start using the plugin effectively within minutes.

SEO Friendly

The plugin is designed to be SEO friendly, ensuring that the addition of affiliate tracking codes does not negatively impact the search engine ranking of your posts or website.

How Does It Work?

Once installed, MVP Affiliate scans your posts for potential affiliate links and automatically appends the Microsoft MVP tracking code. The plugin works in the background, requiring minimal interaction from the user. Whenever you create or edit a post, MVP Affiliate ensures all links are correctly formatted to include your unique affiliate tracker.

Getting Started with MVP Affiliate

To get started, simply install the MVP Affiliate plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. Once activated, configure the settings by entering your Microsoft MVP affiliate program details. The plugin then takes care of the rest, allowing you to focus on creating content rather than managing affiliate links.


MVP Affiliate is a useful tool for Microsoft MVP program affiliates looking to enhance their marketing efforts. By automating the process of adding affiliate tracking codes to links, this plugin not only saves time but also helps maximize your affiliate scores.

If you’re involved in the Microsoft MVP program and use WordPress for your content, MVP Affiliate is the tool you need to streamline your processes and boost your affiliate results efficiently.

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