Ionic just added support for UWP

Ionic just announced ( – as part of the other huge sets of Microsoft Build announcements – that their API and toolkit, along with a total UI looknfeel and component set is coming for UWP. Why is this important?

If we glance at the sessions of //Build'16 you can see they focus on two major target right now: game development for UWP and web development (or better to say, using web technologies) for UWP. You could ask, where is the desktop development? Next to having a session focusing on moving desktop apps to UWP (using project centennial, which enables bringing win32, .net, etc apps to become part of the UWP ecosystem and windows 10), there is no speak of desktop development at all. What does this mean? A move of focus? I have been watching the whole UWP story for a while, and by now I'm positive (even if not sure) that the web technologies is the way how desktop applications would be built. So, I'm more than thrilled to wait for the //Build'16 keynote and the breakout sessions where this would be hopefully dived into.

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