Meta increasing Quest performance and have new Unity SDK

The new version 55 software update for the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets, increases their CPU and GPU performance and adds new features. The Quest 2 will get a 19 percent GPU speed increase while Quest Pro owners will get an 11 percent jump. Both headsets will also get up to 26 percent performance increases in CPU power. The update also introduces Dynamic Resolution Scaling, Messenger app in VR, Explore tab with media content and Reels, and multi-touch gesture support for Meta Quest Browser.

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset, which was announced earlier this month and should bring enhanced capabilities, won’t be available until September. Unity introduces new development tools for mixed reality applications on Quest headsets. The headset will have color passthrough and improved spatial awareness for more immersive and realistic mixed reality experiences that fit better into everyday life. Unity continues to be the most popular development environment for mobile VR applications and has just released a Meta OpenXR package that supports features such as passthrough, plane detection, raycasting, and anchors for Quest headsets. Unity has also updated some sample projects that use AR Foundation, a framework for cross-platform development of AR applications for mobile devices and XR headsets. Developers who want to create mixed reality apps for Quest headsets need to use Unity 2022 LTSAR FoundationMeta OpenXR package, and Meta’s Presence Platform.

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