New supertypeface

Monaspace is a new type system that advances the state of the art for the display of code on screen. It consists of five fonts, each with a distinct voice, but all compatible with one another. You can mix and match them to create more expressive and beautiful code. Monaspace is an exploration from GitHub Next, a team of designers and engineers who are passionate about the future of coding. Monaspace is free and open source, and you can download it from here.

Monaspace is not just a font, it’s a new way of seeing your code. πŸš€

The five fonts that make up Monaspace are:

  • Neon: A neo-grotesque sans serif that is clean and modern. It has a geometric and minimalist design, with a subtle texture that adds warmth and character. Neon is ideal for code that needs clarity and simplicity.
  • Argon: A humanist sans serif that is friendly and elegant. It has a natural and organic design, with a smooth and fluid shape. Argon is ideal for code that needs personality and grace.
  • Xenon: A slab serif that is bold and confident. It has a sturdy and robust design, with a strong and solid structure. Xenon is ideal for code that needs authority and impact.
  • Radon: A handwriting font that is playful and creative. It has a whimsical and quirky design, with a lively and dynamic movement. Radon is ideal for code that needs fun and flair.
  • Krypton: A mechanical sans serif that is futuristic and cool. It has a technical and precise design, with a sharp and angular edge. Krypton is ideal for code that needs innovation and style.

Each font has three variable axes: weight, width, and slant. You can adjust these axes to fine-tune the appearance and expression of your code. For example, you can make your code lighter or bolder, narrower or wider, upright or italic. You can also use the texture axis to add or remove the subtle noise effect that gives Monaspace its unique charm.

Monaspace also supports coding ligatures, which are special glyphs that combine two or more characters into one. Coding ligatures can make your code more readable and compact, by reducing visual clutter and enhancing semantic meaning. Monaspace has eight groups of coding ligatures, separated into stylistic sets. You can enable or disable individual sets selectively, depending on your preference and coding language.

Monaspace is designed to be seamlessly mixed and matched. You can use different fonts for different parts of your code, to layer more meaning and hierarchy. For example, you can use Neon for comments, Argon for variables, Xenon for keywords, Radon for strings, and Krypton for operators. You can also use different weights, widths, and slants for different purposes, such as highlighting errors, warnings, or suggestions.

Monaspace is a revolutionary type system that reimagines the way we write and read code. It offers a more expressive and beautiful typographical palette, that goes beyond colors and bolder weights. It is a font for the future of coding, and you can try it today. Download Monaspace from here and see your code in a new light. πŸ’‘

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