Ok, so, where is the project?

I got a few people coming back to me after reading the previous post, Going opensource – why?, asking, OK, so, where is the project, how come the repo GitHub – morganstanley/ComposeUI is still empty?

I might have not written it clearly enough OR you might have not read clearly enough the previous post (most likely the former), so this time the idea is that the project would be developer in the open instead of playing a magician’s role with a rabbit and a hat – we wouldn’t just pull up a finished project without the reader understanding the steps we took to arrive to it, rather each discussion, each wrong idea, etc would be also developed and showed in the wild open.

I hope this helps regards some people who quickly just clicked through the link at the top of the previous post, waiting to see the actual project – yes, this is not exactly the case here 🙂

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