Open Source in Finance, in 2023

As in previous years – Open Source in Finance Forum is back! On November 1st, with some other related programs (like Readiness days, Big Boosts, and more) in the days around it – it is BACK!

With the full support of The Linux Foundation, and 70+ partners, Open Source in Finance Forum is THE conference that is dedicated to drive collaboration and innovation in financial services, through open source software and standards.

It brings together experts across financial services, technology, and open source to engage, and to stimulate and thought-provoke conversations about how to best (and safest) leverage open source software to solve industry challenges. With the sponsorships of databricks and Red Hat, and from Discover, the FinOps Foundation, Major League Hacking and the Open Mainframe Project, a set of interesting keynotes, and 30+ sessions around various topics, it is the conference not to miss. But let’s sweeten the deal a little more 🙂 . The conference this year, like the year before, is co-hosted with the OpenJS in Finance conference, hosted by the OpenJS Foundation, with a bunch of sessions on JavaScript and TypeScript and NodeJS and more!

This conference is also going the be the one where FINOS would be announcing their certifications and the certification trainings, for topics like FDC3, Open Source Readiness, and more!

And yes – I will be there too 😀 I will be leading a panel discussion about emerging technologies, specifically about Spatial Computing in Financial Services, with participants Michael Potts (CEO,, Royal O’Brien (General Manager of Digital Media and Games, The Linux Foundation), Domhnaill Hernon (Global Head of Metaverse Lab, EY), Brooke Tuscai (Emerging Technology Research Team, Vanguard), Bri Scully (XR Innovation Futurist) – do check out the details!

But that’s not all yet, folks! Because, again, like with the great success before, and as in previous years, there is going to be a Project Expo too! Where I would be co-hosting two booths, one focusing on Open Source Readiness, the other for Emerging Technologies!

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