Opportunities in the .NET Team at Morgan Stanley

We are on the verge of making huge sweeping changes – moving to Linux, moving to .NET Core, moving to Azure, moving to Edge control, moving to open source etc just to name a few. We are a small, highly skilled team of .NET experts, whose role is to set the technical direction for .NET, collaborate with the development teams to encourage the adoption of best practices and provide specialized set of proprietary libraries. The moves above – moving to open source, to the cloud, etc – are some of the biggest changes we faced, and the roles below provide the opportunity to help set the direction for the next generation of .NET applications. We are looking for passionate technologist with design skills, strong CS fundamentals and a deep knowledge of .NET as well as a curiosity about what is happening under the hood – how, why and what are the questions we answer on a daily basis.

We offer:

  • Opportunity to challenge yourself by solving some of the biggest technical challenges in Morgan Stanley.
  • Chance to be at the forefront of Morgan Stanley’s adoption of latest platforms, tools and techniques.
  • Insight into how technology is used in large scale enterprise deployments through collaborations with multiple teams across the firm.
  • Opportunity to look ‘under the hood’ – how, why and what if are questions that we answer on a daily basis.

You will collaborate with your team to:

  • Design and implement the next generation of our proprietary libraries, tools and components to support more modern architectures.
  • Provide direction and define best practices for designing modern applications for all the firms developers.
  • Work with application teams to identify and adopt the best solutions for their use cases.
  • Provide technical solutions to adopting new techniques and libraries which interface with existing deployments.
  • Increasing our involvement in the Open Source projects that we rely on.

You have:

  • Solid .NET C# experience.
  • Strong fundamental technology skills (OO design, threading).
  • Server side, WPF or Winforms experience.
  • Ability to converse verbally and in writing in English with other .NET developers on complicated technical requirements.
  • Have an interest and aptitude for technology.
  • Can adapt to a dynamic and multifaceted environment where business and technical skills are intermingled.

You may also have:

  • Knowledge of .NET Core.
  • Low level networking knowledge.
  • Advanced debugging skills.
  • Knowledge of development in sandbox environments.
  • Focus on User Experience.

If you know someone who might be interested please get in touch with peter (.) smulovics (at) morgan stanley .com .

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