Roblox x Meta Quest

Roblox, the popular online platform with over 66 million daily users, is finally coming to Meta Quest. The integration will start with an open beta on App Lab in the upcoming weeks. Roblox already has a vast community across mobile devices, desktops, and Xbox, and it is expanding to include Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Quest 3.

The open beta will allow Roblox developers to optimize their existing games for Quest and create new virtual reality experiences while receiving feedback from the Quest community. This provides an opportunity for developers to experiment, learn, and improve their VR content before Roblox is officially released on the Meta Quest Store.

Roblox offers a library of over 15 million active experiences, and many of them will be available for the Quest community to explore. Some experiences already using default player scripts will be automatically published to support VR devices. Roblox’s cross-platform nature ensures that players can connect, play, and socialize with friends on Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop platforms, making VR more social than ever before.

Roblox on Quest will have an age restriction of 13 and above, and parents can utilize the existing parental supervision tools provided by Meta Quest to ensure a safe and supervised experience for their families. More details about the open beta will be shared as its launch date approaches.

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