"Silverlight Shines at International Broadcasting Conference 2008 in Amsterdam"

 I don't want to repeat a press release, but quite a lot of interesting things happened to Silverlight today:

  • H.264 support announced
  • AAC support announced
  • MP4 container support announced

As Scott Guthrie has written – this doesn't mean Microsoft is getting further from WMV. It just means – we give you the choice.

And a lot of interesting website starts SL based video delivery (sports fan are especially welcomed):

And a few words about our spons… sorry, about the NBC Olympics website, which in 17 days scored:

  • 1.3 billion page views
  • 50+ million unique visitors
  • 70 million streams
  • 10 million hours of video watched
  • 35 million mobile page views
  • Hundreds of highlights produced every day, which were delivered to every possible platform

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