Tablee des Chefs 2023 – fundraising gala!

There are a range of different organizations I do help via giving back – mostly using my skills, like Spectry, Skool, and – La Tablee des Chefs. It is a Canadian organization that encourages the youth to learn culinary skills and become aware of nutritional information regarding food preparation – they are engaging 150+ schools in Canada.

Morgan Stanley, through Code to Give, has committed to this organization 2 years ago to build a mobile application to be used to share information, learning plans, create a social network and maintain engagement with the youth. It contains advanced recipe searches, by cuisine type, dietary concerns, ingredients, etc. The application also provides up to date information on the calculated ecological impact of the meals and allows you to substitute ingredients to see how that changes the carbon footprint and other environmental factors.

At their annual Montreal fundraising gala, we were honored as participants acknowledging Morgan Stanley’s contributions. Jonathan Brunette, Keval Prabhudesai, Olivier Beau were there in person, and Ferenc Hubicsak and me were waiting for the reactions from the digital sidelines.

The fundraising brought in over $500.000 CAD in on night – a nice accomplishment for sure!

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