The Art of Embracing Happiness in the Present Moment


In the pursuit of happiness, many people tend to focus solely on acquiring the necessary elements that they believe will lead to a contented life. While achieving goals and fulfilling desires is essential, Hungarian writer Sándor Márai reminds us that the journey towards happiness shouldn’t be postponed until all the pieces fall into place. Instead, true happiness lies in finding joy and contentment in the present moment, even amidst life’s challenges and uncertainties. This article explores the wisdom behind Sándor Márai’s statement and offers insights into how one can cultivate happiness while navigating through the ups and downs of life.

The Illusion of Happiness Deferred

In a world where success, material wealth, and accomplishments are often equated with happiness, it is easy to fall into the trap of postponing happiness until specific conditions are met. Many individuals hold the belief that they will be happy once they achieve a certain job, acquire more wealth, find the perfect partner, or reach a particular milestone. However, this constant pursuit of future happiness can lead to a perpetual cycle of discontentment, as the goalposts of fulfillment keep shifting.

The Power of the Present Moment

Márai Sándor’s insight teaches us that happiness is not solely reliant on external factors; it is a state of mind that can be cultivated and experienced in the here and now. Instead of waiting for circumstances to align perfectly, individuals must learn to embrace the present moment with all its imperfections and uncertainties. Finding contentment in the present allows us to savor life’s small joys and appreciate the simple pleasures that surround us daily.

Practicing Gratitude and Mindfulness

One of the most effective ways to be happy in the meantime is by cultivating gratitude and mindfulness. Gratitude helps shift our focus from what is lacking in our lives to acknowledging the abundance of positive aspects we may have overlooked. By counting our blessings, we develop a deeper appreciation for the people and things that bring joy and meaning to our lives.

Mindfulness, on the other hand, encourages us to be fully present in each moment without judgment. It involves observing our thoughts, feelings, and sensations without getting entangled in them. By practicing mindfulness, we can break free from the patterns of negative thinking that hinder our ability to experience happiness in the present.

Nurturing Positive Relationships

Human connections play a pivotal role in our happiness and well-being. To be happy in the meantime, we must nurture positive relationships with family, friends, and even ourselves. Engaging in meaningful conversations, supporting one another through difficult times, and expressing love and appreciation can create a sense of belonging and contentment.

Furthermore, fostering self-compassion is essential. We must learn to treat ourselves with the same kindness and understanding we extend to our loved ones. Practicing self-care and setting realistic expectations for ourselves can lead to greater self-acceptance and inner peace.

Finding Fulfillment in Personal Growth

While happiness should be rooted in the present, it does not negate the importance of personal growth and striving for our goals. The pursuit of self-improvement and the fulfillment of aspirations can be incredibly rewarding. However, it is crucial to avoid becoming fixated solely on the end results.

The process of growth itself is valuable, and acknowledging the progress we make along the way is essential for cultivating happiness. Setting smaller, achievable milestones allows us to celebrate accomplishments regularly and find happiness in the continuous journey of self-discovery.


Sándor Márai’s wisdom reminds us that the pursuit of happiness should not be deferred until we gather all the necessary elements for contentment. True happiness lies in our ability to find joy, gratitude, and fulfillment in the present moment, even amidst life’s challenges and uncertainties.

By practicing gratitude and mindfulness, nurturing positive relationships, and focusing on personal growth, we can cultivate happiness every step of the way. Embracing the art of being happy in the meantime empowers us to lead more fulfilling lives and appreciate the beauty of each passing moment. Let us remember that happiness is not a destination but a journey to be experienced and cherished in the here and now.

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