When Grit is Not Enough

I am using this column to advertise the new book from my friend, Dean Guida. We know each other for over 20 years, and I have been a loyal customer for his company – and speaking to many of his directs over the years, I always wondered, what is his secret? How did he create a vNext business decades ago, how did he become a Microsoft launch partner, how he did do the ‘right way’ the Infragistics way. And you do not have to ponder about this more – his new book, gives away his well kept secrets, like:

  • how he got to love unlimited PTO for his employees?
  • why should you nap during the day?
  • how to do go-to-market strategic plans and positioning better, and how to align?
  • how to feel the rhythm of the business (much more than just scrum!)?
  • how to dimensionalize and do better meetings?
  • how to do coaching, sponsoring, leading in style?
  • how to have the tough conversations?
  • how to use data to drive your business better, and what to do with moonshots and BHAGs (big-hairy-audacious-goals) and how to build them based on objectives-key activities-results (OKRs)?
  • how to lose and find trust?
  • beside food, what else helps in building culture?
  • And many more!

I highly suggest checking out his book, fresh on Amazon:

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