Did this material just Glyph in front of your eyes?

The first startup I would like to shortly introduce is called Glyph. They invented a unique material pattern called Glyph, that enables you to replace on the fly the surface of an object. The printed material can be on a piece of cloth, on a hard surface of a car, etc., enabling you to replace the look and feel on the fly. It works even if the material is torn, cut in half, rippled, bent, folded, stretched, etc., giving it a highly customizable way to change materials on your video mirroring, on large or small scale fabric in a place, etc. It is a game changer for digital and physical fashion industry, industrial design, and more.

Mixing this with 3D and 4D printing of meta materials, the possibilities are really endless. For more details, do check out Glyph Platforms!

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