Introducing Clostech: The Future of Virtual Fashion Shopping

Staying with the fashion industry still for a while – the second startup I would like to introduce is Clostech. Clostech is a company, trying to revolutionize the fashion industry with augmented reality and AI.

In the dynamic world of online shopping, Clostech emerges as a visionary startup, aiming to address the perennial problem of dissatisfaction among online clothing shoppers. This innovative platform is set to transform the virtual clothing shopping experience through cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The Clostech Solution: A New Virtual Try-On Experience

Clostech’s breakthrough solution allows users to virtually try on clothing and outfits before making a purchase or, most importantly, after amassing a set of clothes you trying to match, addressing the challenges of matching clothes. With Clostech, the limitations of online shopping are replaced by a limitless and personalized virtual shopping experience, tailored to each user’s body type and style preferences, and with the ability to manage your clothing portfolio.

Key Features and Value Proposition

  • Virtual Dressing Experience: Users enjoy a realistic and interactive way to match clothes.
  • Creativity Without Limits: Personalized and limitless fashion styling and outfit creation.
  • Inclusive Virtual Store: A platform that caters to diverse body types and style preferences.
  • Time Savings and Efficiency: Streamlined shopping and matching experience, reducing time and effort.
  • Interactive Community: Users can participate in a community for shared fashion interests.
  • Climate Adaptation: Outfits are personalized not just for style, but also for suitability to the current weather conditions.

Meet the Team Behind Clostech

Clostech is led by a team of young, energetic entrepreneurs passionate about innovation. Founder & CEO Sufyan Ahmed, along with key team members like Chief Product Officer Sebastian Liviero and CTO Emanuel Quintanilla, brings a mix of creativity, technological expertise, and business acumen.


Clostech stands at the forefront of a fashion revolution, offering a unique, personalized, and efficient way to shop for clothes online and match existing acquires. So, please do check out them, and reach out if you feel like there is a connection 🙂

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