Microsoft Mesh is Generally Available

Microsoft made Mesh generally available. Why this is an important milestone? Mesh is about the importance of deep human connections in the workplace and how they are crucial for increasing engagement, stimulating performance, and retaining talent. It helps in that remote and hybrid work arrangements no longer to pose challenges in building personal connections. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index report, 43 percent of leaders find relationship building to be a significant challenge in remote and hybrid work – so this problem needed to be addressed. To address this issue, Microsoft has introduced “Microsoft Mesh,” a technology that powers 3D immersive experiences to make virtual connections feel more like face-to-face interactions.

Mesh is available on PC and Meta Quest VR devices. Several organizations, including Takeda, Accenture, bp, and Mercy Ships, have already started benefiting from Mesh. Each organization have leveraged Microsoft Mesh to create engaging and productive virtual environments, reducing travel and real estate costs. Each organization has used Mesh for various purposes, from large company-wide events to onboarding and training. Inside Microsoft Teams, Mesh offers 3D immersive spaces for various purposes, such as team social gatherings, brainstorming sessions, and round-table discussions. Users can create avatars to represent themselves, engage in spatial audio-enabled small-group discussions, and utilize familiar Teams features like accessing shared content, chat, and live reactions. If you are an organization, you can also host larger events with custom immersive experiences – a no-code editor allows customization with visual elements like organization logos, videos, and presentation content. Unity integration with the Mesh toolkit enables the creation of custom interactive experiences.

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