Room-temperature quantum coherence

There has been a breakthrough in achieving quantum coherence of entangled multiexcitons at room temperature, which is crucial for quantum computing and sensing technologies. The researchers used a chromophore, a dye molecule that can excite electrons with desirable spins and embedded it in a metal-organic framework (MOF), a nanoporous crystalline material that can suppress molecular motion and preserve quantum coherence. The researchers observed the quantum coherence of a quintet state, a state of four entangled electrons, for over 100 nanoseconds at room temperature by photoexciting the electrons with microwave pulses. This is the first time such a state has been achieved at room temperature. The findings open doors to room-temperature molecular quantum computing based on multiple quantum gate control and quantum sensing of various target compounds. The researchers plan to search for more suitable guest molecules and MOF structures to generate quintet multiexciton state qubits more efficiently.

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