Open Source Readiness at FINOS – why should I care?

Open email on Open Source Readiness at the Financial Open Source Foundation:


You are getting from this email because we, at the FINOS Open Source Readiness Special Interest Group, do think, you should be aware of the Open Source Readiness SIG’s work. We are trying to convert ourselves to be fully community driven group – but we do need more members for that.

In case you never heard about us – do check out . We are providing documentation, training, certification, etc., as part of FINOS, the Financial Open Source Foundation, part of The Linux Foundation, to introduce open source into your company; both to consume and the contribute.

In case you heard about us from some other colleague – we do need more members from each member firm, as we have still tons of work to do! We have documentation to write, innersource tooling to fix, and more; looking for people either being from their companies OSPO, interested in creating their companies OSPO, interested in open source, and more.

In case you were earlier involved – please do consider re-involving yourself, we put significant effort into updating our resources, there would definitely be something on our new website you would find useful!

In case you are involved already with another FINOS group(s) – no problem, no rules say you cannot be involved with just one more of them.

If you are not aware of our mailing group – it’s , which you can join by dropping an empty mail to If you are not aware of our meetings – do check out which contains the OSR and non OSR meetings.

In a nutshell – looking forward for your deeper involvement with open source, and hopefully you would find that with us 🙂

OSR SIG Chairs

Cara Delia – Red Hat

Brittany Istenes – Fannie Mae

Thomas Cooper – RBC

Peter Smulovics – Morgan Stanley

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