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  • VBandi at MIX Part 2 - Dave Campbell and Tony Champion

    I got Dave and Tony in front of my camera on the first day, after the first (HTML) keynote. They are both Silverlight MVPs, and Dave is the tireless editor of Silverlight Cream , the #1 Silverlight resource!
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Sat, Apr 23 2011
  • Vbandi at MIX Part 1–Interview with Nokia’s Wai Seto

    At MIX, I recorded quite a few interviews with all kinds of people – friends, strangers, attendees, exhibitors, Microsoftees, and so on. The “vbandi at MIX” blog post series is where I will publish these interviews. They are recorded with a worse than average digital camera, with a worse than average operator (me), and worse than average reporter (me
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Thu, Apr 21 2011
  • Response.MVVM is now available via NuGet!

    About a year ago, I wrote an article for SilverlightShow, titled “ A Designer-friendly Approach to MVVM ”. The article introduced VSMChangerBehavior which allows tying enums in the ViewModel to Visual States in the View. Another Action shown off there is the CallDataContextMethodAction , which calls a method in the DataContext with a twist – if such
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Thu, Mar 31 2011
  • Presenting at Mix’11 and ROCK!

    If I say the next few weeks are going to be exciting, that is a huge understatement. Like saying the Empire State is kinda big. If you are following me on Twitter , you probably know that me and my friend, Bálint Orosz have been voted to present at Mix’11. This is quite an achievement – there were 200 sessions to vote for, and even more that didn’t
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Tue, Mar 29 2011
  • Introducing the Kinect WPF Toolkit

    Kinect is fun. Kinect is new. Kinect is awesome. However, doing anything in Kinect right now requires developer work – and even with the available building blocks to rely on, for a developer to get up to speed takes a long time. This means that interaction designers cannot do Kinect development without a top-notch developer, and developers are needed
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Fri, Mar 25 2011
  • Handling WP7 orientation changes via Visual States

    It is pretty well known that an app can be notified of the phone’s orientation changes via the PhoneApplicationFrame.OrientationChanged event. However, if you are as serious about sharing the work between the designer and the developer as I am, you will not be happy with this – the changing of the layout should be the responsibility of the designer
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Tue, Mar 8 2011
  • Notifyting the ViewModel when a WP7 PivotItem is displayed

    While trying to reduce the loading time for our SurfCube 3D Browser app , I realized that loading a 100 or so history items to a ViewModel property directly bound to the UI may not be the best idea. It takes up a long time (like 0.5 seconds) to render the items in the list, and the user may never see the history during his / her session. The solution
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Sun, Jan 23 2011
  • Behaviors for accessing the Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace and getting feedback

    Encouraging the users of your WP7 app to rate or buy your application, view other apps by you or just send a feedback email can make or break an app. However, the MarketPlace API can be a little confusing, and takes a little time to figure out which method does what. You can’t even try and see for yourself, because most MarketPlace actions don’t work
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Sat, Jan 8 2011
  • Silverlight with Facebook - a practical guide to integration

    Foreword This article discusses how basic Facebook features (such as logging in, posting to a user’s wall) can be accessed from within your Silverlight application. Since we will be discussing the topic of integrating Facebook with Silverlight, understanding the article requires that you have some basic knowledge of the two. Note: this is a guest article
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Fri, Dec 17 2010
  • Just how productive is WP7 development compared to iOS, Android and mobile Web?

    On last Wednesday, me and my friend, Zoltán Árvai ( @zoltanarvai , also a Microsoft MVP) were invited to Budapest New tech Meetup. Along with other two-person teams of seasoned Android, iOS and Mobile Web developers, we were participating in a Live Coding event (representing Windows Phone 7). The goal was to see how the development of the different
    Posted to VBandi's blog (Weblog) by vbandi on Mon, Dec 6 2010
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