Agile and Tools

Most of my readers (are there any? :)) know that I'm involved with Agile development methodologies a lot. Therefore came up the question what tools do I and you suggest for using to commit yourself to Agile and related methodologies. Here is my list (a bit .NET biased):

What is on your list?

How do you enhance your (agile?) workload? What tools do you think I missed but is a gem itself?

A side-question: are you more of a FOSS supporter or you don't mind paying for the tools if you get priority support, continuous dependable updates, etc. when the question is your IDE/development process tool support?

VS.NET consumes too much memory? Force a GC!

Did you know, that a GC can be forced in Visual Studio .NET?

Two options exists for it, depending on whether you changed the default key-bindings. If you press 'Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12' with the built-in key-binding, it executes the Tools.ForceGC command. If this binding is unavailable, you still have the option to run it using nothing else than the good old find window. Press Ctrl+/ or click into the quick find window, and enter '>Tools.ForceGC'.


.NET library, GUI and framework developer

Long time no see for this blog. And how could it go forward other than a job advertisment? I promise I'll write up some more interesting stuff in the future, but for now the only thing I have in mind is this:

NET library, GUI and framework developer (ref no: 77193)
Position Description

We are seeking an enthusiastic committed and productive .NET C# developer of reusable WPF library components and applications for our highly demanding business clients and other developers. Primarily we will be developing .NET/WPF components and applications in a small team but working closely with developers and business clients throughout the bank. This will be a system that eventually replaces existing application shells and frameworks and allows integration of development efforts across multiple desktop applications.
There will be substantial challenges including bridging old application frameworks into the new framework while providing a clean efficient API for new modules. Aspects of layout, persistence, inter component communication (while maintaining component integrity), multiple desktop integration (across multiple machines), integration testing and remote administration will need to be considered. Our clients are spread throughout the bank and the challenge is to make our systems flexible enough to be used by multiple teams while meeting their exacting standards.

You would be able to work in a development team that is considered one of strongest in Budapest. You would have the opportunity to work in a team with extremely clever people and enjoy the complexity of the job. Here each day is a new challenge with endless learning possibilities.
To summarize – you would understand what it takes to create a great UI and be passionate about doing this.
Skills Required

  • Strong fundamental technology skills (OO design, threading)
  • Solid .NET C# experience.
  • WPF, Silverlight or Winforms experience.
  • Knowledge of SDLC best practice
  • Ability to converse with other .NET developers on complicated technical requirements
  • Have an interest and aptitude for technology
  • Can adapt to a dynamic and multifaceted environment where business and technical skills are intermingled
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English

Skills Desired

  • Deep knowledge of at least 1 UI component suite (Infragistics/Syncfusion/DevExpress)
  • Proven ability to deliver high-quality software working in multi-person  / multi-region teams
  • Focus on User Experience

The candidate may choose to work in London or in Budapest. Please let me know whether you are interested!