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Would you like to learn more about Credit Portal, CRGT (Compliance, Risk and Governance IT), RIM (Regulatory Impact Monitor), Next Generation End-Of-Day Marking, TORCH – Targeting Opportunities, Recognising Client Headlines, Electronic Trading Systems – cutting edge technology in the Front Office, Business Metrics – the next generation of real time reporting systems, Windows Virtualisation and Windows 7 technologies, ZooKeeper, Little administration framework, Technology Asset Inventory, QA service, Sub Ledger project, Client On-Boarding, FPGA, Scala, IPCAuth, Optimus, Continious delivery, content publishing/subscribing, market data, KDB, Stack, Catalog, Log Server, Scalable high throughput server side middleware for grid and cloud computing, Morgan Stanley Desktop, Strat Studio, General-Purpose GPU Programming, End of Day Process Automation, Report Creation Wizard, Report Notificator & Sanitychecker, and much more?

Join us on 5/9/2012, 6PM, when the Morgan Stanley IT Budapest TECHNOLOGY EXPO begins. Details and registration to be found here.

See you there!